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About Us

Whether it is a House or A Warming Gift, Office Cabin or Corporate Room , Bathroom, Closet, Car or just a romantic dinner at your Home, Blue Tree Aroma offers Aromatherapy Products for every space and occasion crafted make simple experience,extraordinary. You Will Love It!

Meet the Team Ayunit!


Ayush Jain and Nitesh Garodia founded blue tree aroma together in Ranchi! Their passion for Health and Healing , Aroma, Art , and Creativity is the foundation of this company. They are into works of health and healing for more than 15 years collectively! … And understand alternative healing deeply!! Both the entrepreneurs come from well established family businesses but have taken a new road so that they work with their passion for something they love to do and give back to their people and society generously.


About us

We believe in creating amazing experiences with the help of aromatherapy.Aromatherapy has the power to give energy to the mind , heal the body, elevate the mood , cure disease and can make one happier.

Thanks to its therapeutic properties that they can be used in creative ways to get their benefits.Blue Tree provides pure natural essential oils and related products that creates AroMaNtic experience to uplift your living experience!

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